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Ashley Weaver

Ashley writes historical fantasy and paranormal novels, short stories, and poems. She received her BA in Creative Writing from BYU-Idaho, her MA in English Education from MNSU, and is currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Creative Writing from UC San Diego-Extended Studies.

She currently teaches online English at BYU-Idaho and when she’s not writing, researching her brains out, or playing with her puppy, Molly, she enjoys traveling to far-off lands to receive further writing inspiration.

Latest from the Blog

Book Review: Secret of the Sonnets by Samantha Hastings

…“When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” — William Shakespeare , excerpt from Sonnet 18 Summary This regency mystery centers around a woman named Miranda’s quest to find the lost manuscript of William Shakespeare. With the…

Storymakers Conference 2023: TBR’s

What a blessing it was to attend the 20th Anniversary of Storymakers Conference this month! I took advantage of opportunities to network with writers from Latter-day Saints who write in my genre, received instruction from experts in their writing field, and obtained feedback for my novel chapters. I also was pleased to learn the importance…

5 Strategies for Building Strong YA Main Character Arcs

Don’t pamper your characters. Show their pain, their fears, their humanness. Your characters are like your children; raise them as such. PLEASE don’t give them the “I’m not like other people” trope! Here are some ideas to apply to your character so you can avoid it: Hopefully this list will help you flesh out your…

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