5 Strategies for Building Strong YA Main Character Arcs

Don’t pamper your characters. Show their pain, their fears, their humanness. Your characters are like your children; raise them as such. PLEASE don’t give them the “I’m not like other people” trope! Here are some ideas to apply to your character so you can avoid it: Hopefully this list will help you flesh out yourContinue reading “5 Strategies for Building Strong YA Main Character Arcs”

My Jane Austen Novel Love-Interest Ratings

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d look at the love-interests of the heroines of the “Queen of Regency Romance Novels” herself, Jane Austen. How do they add up on my own literary romance spectrum 5 to 1 (5 being my least favorite, 1 being my most favorite)? Let’s take a look! 5.Continue reading “My Jane Austen Novel Love-Interest Ratings”

Writing A Story: Crafting Your Characters

What kind of character appeals to you as a reader? For me, I am always am drawn to a protagonist with an amiable virtue that either matches my own or is one that I hope to aspire to. The same goes for the antagonist, as shocking as that may be. They too may have someContinue reading “Writing A Story: Crafting Your Characters”