Secondhand Bookstore List – Finding Quality Reads for Less

I try not to spend more money than I have to when buying books to read or include in my home library. Given the plethora of thrift stores where I live and that exist on the internet, I have narrowed down some of the ones I have come across or recommend to other readers seekingContinue reading “Secondhand Bookstore List – Finding Quality Reads for Less”

6 Overdone Tropes in YA Literature and TV

The more I try to find new books/TV shows, the more frustrated I get from repeated tropes that I believe no longer need to exist or just need to exist in a new light than they already have been previously portrayed. Here’s a list of ones that are currently getting my literary goat. Let’s takeContinue reading “6 Overdone Tropes in YA Literature and TV”

My Jane Austen Novel Love-Interest Ratings

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d look at the love-interests of the heroines of the “Queen of Regency Romance Novels” herself, Jane Austen. How do they add up on my own literary romance spectrum 5 to 1 (5 being my least favorite, 1 being my most favorite)? Let’s take a look! 5.Continue reading “My Jane Austen Novel Love-Interest Ratings”

Favorite Historical Fiction Periods: Tudor (1485-1603)

Ever since I read Elizabeth I: The Red Rose of the House of Tudor from The Royal Diaries middle grade series in 4th grade, I have always been interested in Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII, and the rest of the Tudor Dynasty. I always love reading historical fiction as well as non-fictional biographiesContinue reading “Favorite Historical Fiction Periods: Tudor (1485-1603)”

Calling All Writers: 13 Calls for Spooky Stories/Haunted Tales for Halloween 2020

Hello fellow writers! For those of you who love writing creepy stories like me, I’ve listed some paying and non-paying journals and anthologies who are looking for stories, poems, or manuscripts in the realm of the supernatural, the gothic, the horror, and/or the mysterious. Many have rolling deadlines while others have dates coming up soon,Continue reading “Calling All Writers: 13 Calls for Spooky Stories/Haunted Tales for Halloween 2020”