Storymakers Conference 2023: TBR’s

What a blessing it was to attend the 20th Anniversary of Storymakers Conference this month! I took advantage of opportunities to network with writers from Latter-day Saints who write in my genre, received instruction from experts in their writing field, and obtained feedback for my novel chapters. I also was pleased to learn the importance of building my author brand, setting goals for my writing time, and how to properly market my book.

In addition to networking, I was exposed to new book titles from fellow authors at the conference book signing that I wish add to my TBR shelf:

The Portrait by Emilia Kelly

I’m excited to delve into this one! I was privileged to meet the indie-publishing author of this title and she had a very impressive trailer for it on YouTube. A story about a Victorian historical mystery surrounding a portrait? Yes, please!

Sister to Beauty by Roxanne McNeil

How lucky was I to bump in to another author who writes historical fantasy? Especially fairytales? I was able to talk with her about her Beauty and the Beast retelling as well as get her feedback regarding my own Jack and Jill spin-off.

A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice by Rebecca Connolly

How often do you write a story about one of your own ancestors? Especially one who has a story to tell about one of the most dramatic incidents in history? I am a sucker for Titanic stories and I have a feeling this one will be no exception!

Our Sweet Guillotine by Mary Gray

This has been on my list for a while; I am a fan of books that are dark in which the character(s) overcomes the darkness. I was lucky enough to meet a representative from Monster Ivy Publishing at Storymakers and though she did not have this book on hand the first day, she was kind enough to bring me the book the next day! What an awesome experience!

Cursed Collectibles: An Anthology

I had the privilege of meeting and being instructed in the ways of NaNoWriMo planning with Jessica Guernsey. When I learned she wrote short stories like me, I had to purchase one of the collections where her stories appear.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale: A Multi-Author Anthology of Fairy Tale Retellings

After hearing (and seeing the monstrous 700-page size of) this fairy-tale-themed anthology was soon to be out-of-print, my curiosity was piqued. I was also lucky enough to have met and had it signed by two of the authors, Clarissa Kae and Rebecca Connolly.

Hush, Now Forget by Mary Gray and Cammie Larsen

How fun to be able to collaborate on a story with your sister! After telling the publisher the genre I like (above) she said that this book is one for me!

So, here’s to reading and writing more in time for next May! I can’t wait to see what the 2024 Storymakers Conference (themed: BRAVE) holds in store!


Published by Ashley Weaver

Author of historical fiction with a hint of the supernatural/fantasy

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