5 Reading Goals for 2023

I haven’t been the most productive reader these last few months of the year, so I hope to make some realistic goals that will help me become a steadier reader this year.

Try to finish 1 book/month. This is usually an attainable goal; I just have to be consistent at it!

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Write more often. Usually reading helps me write better and I think the same can be said about writing. I believe that writing more helps readers become more imaginative pertaining to the worlds and stories they read about, which could help a reader get more out of what they are reading.

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Read more books from my bookshelf. I have SO many books that I have accumulated over the past couple of years from bookshops, thrift stores, online bookstores, and garage sales so it is high time that I crack into more of what is already on my shelf instead of relying on the public library for new reads.

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Read more Historical Fiction. This is my favorite genre, so why do I not read as much of it as I do other genres? Perhaps I am too picky about how other authors write? Am I biased in what I desire to read versus the books I find?

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Read more Non-Fiction. As much as I love fictional stories, it would be nice to learn about the facts about the time periods I read about in my fictional stories or what I desire to research for my own stories.

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So, there we have it! A short, sweet, and to-the-point (as all writing should be) list of how I can improve my reading this year. What are some of your writing or reading goals for 2023?


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