10 Story-Prompt Lines to Get You Started on Your Next Story

Sometimes I need a little push of inspiration before beginning or continuing any short story. Brainstorming a line or two that I want in the story sometimes does the trick.

What line should the story begin with? What line should the story revolve around? Which sentence should complete the story or leave it on a cliff-hanger? If this is something you struggle with too, take this challenge to use one or two (or all) of these lines somewhere in your story:

1. “She slowly opened the door, but what she saw on the other side made her stop.”

2. “He had never seen anything like this before.”

3. “Wendy knew that she was different, but she didn’t realize she was that different.”

4. “David blew past her and tackled the monster in a sudden rage.”

5. “So many people…if only they knew.”

6. “She held her tongue, already knowing the outcome; it was better that she remained silent.”

7. “My heart pounded faster against my chest as I approached it.”

8. “All he knew was that he would never see her again.”

9. “We all have heard the tale, but do we know the whole story?”

10. “A wave of shock swept over her as she observed the crimson stains on her own hands.”

Published by Ashley Weaver

Author of historical fiction with a hint of the supernatural/fantasy

One thought on “10 Story-Prompt Lines to Get You Started on Your Next Story

  1. Great prompts here, Ashley! There’s just something about prompts that make it easy to get started. Is it the low expectations? The interesting premise? The open-ended nature? I don’t know, but all these prompts do get me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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