Novella Review: Eye for An Eye by Stephanie Black

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Mallory’s past has caught up with her as she tries to deflect the suspicion that has fallen upon her after drugs were mysteriously found in her room. Convinced that someone from her past is trying to frame her, she tries to uncover their identity with the help of her charismatic coworker Darien.

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Length. I’m glad this was a novella, because I don’t think this story could have been drawn out any more than it was. The mystery was not complex enough to expand to a full-length novel, but the story was still engaging at this length.

Language. The author used simple language, the language that a teenager or young adult would use in daily life–albeit, no profanity, which was refreshing.

Family relations. While I was frustrated with her sister and brother-in-law for their distrust of the protagonist at the beginning, I began to understand where they were coming from as the story progressed and we got to see Mallory’s story unfold. It was nice to see how they were able to develop enough trust to help Mallory solve the mystery and find justice.

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The reveals. I wish Black would have offered more background throughout the story instead of having the character reveal it when the story needed it. The reader could have tried to connect the clues as the story progressed instead of having information spill out when the author wanted it.

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I am not very familiar with Stephanie Black’s work, but from what I understand, she is a Christian suspense writer. I thought reading one of her novella’s was a good way to get acquainted with her work, so I’m glad I was able to stumble across this read.

While a bit predictable in parts, this was still an engaging read and for its concise length I recommend anybody who likes clean suspense to give it a read or a listen. It is available as an eBook or audiobook on the Deseret Bookstore app Bookshelf PLUS.

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