Secondhand Bookstore List – Finding Quality Reads for Less

I try not to spend more money than I have to when buying books to read or include in my home library. Given the plethora of thrift stores where I live and that exist on the internet, I have narrowed down some of the ones I have come across or recommend to other readers seeking to build up their own libraries at a cheaper price.

The Library

For readers who have not yet grasped the concept of a library, this is probably the best way to find books you want to read without committing to buying them. I usually raid a library for the titles that I am unsure of whether or not I will actually like. Right now, during COVID, many libraries are offering the option to deliver books to homes for no extra charge. This would be a good option for those who do not have a library close by.

Price: FREE! (With the exception of occasional book sales)


If you can’t find a book at a library or a thrift store, odds are, you will find it on Amazon…especially the self-published titles. E-books are also usually an option (usually the cheaper one for new books) and customers may also sell their used books.

Price: $$

Book Outlet

I have found a lot of new or more obscure titles on this website that I have put on my reading list. Their prices are also not very expensive. I have yet to actually buy a book from here, so I have no opinion yet as to their customer service.

Price: $$

Bookshelf PLUS App

Forget about buying books one at a time; if you are a fan of Deseret Book titles like me, but prefer to listen to books instead, this app allows you to listen to unlimited Deseret Book titles for only $9.99/month ($6.99/month if a Platinum member).

Price: $

Deseret Industries (DI)

This is my favorite place to go to find Deseret Book reads at extremely discounted prices. I go here as often as I can to see what inspirational, gospel-centered, or proper romances are stocked on the shelf.  

Price: $$


Like Savers, they usually also have a pretty wide selection of books (depending on what people are donating these days). I have found many nonfiction biographies here that I have added to my bookshelves as well as some more obscure ones with elegant covers that have turned out to be some of my favorite reads.

Price: $

Half-Priced Books

For those of you who do not have one of these stores near you, they have a website where customers can order not only books, but DVDs, puzzles, games, records, and other literature-themed novelty items. They can be a little pricier, but sometimes have clearances or sales. They also offer a service to buy customers’ used books.

Price: $$


The stores I have been to have a pretty wide selection of books including Literature, Western, Fantasy, Fiction, Teen, Christian, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Biography. It’s not usually my first place to check for books because they can get a little pricey (mind you, pricey to me for used books is around $5.00), but because of their selection, they are usually one of the places that I am most likely to find a book that I am actually looking for.

Price: $$

SecondSale Books

These books can be a bit pricier but can come in like-new condition. A lot of customers use this platform to find textbooks at a cheaper price.

Price: $$$


I’ve used this app/website to buy textbooks as well as fun reads. The beauty is that if you buy enough books, you can earn enough points for a free book every now and then. They have shown excellent customer service if ever I had to exchange or return a book. Customers can usually choose between books that are in acceptable, good, like new, or new condition.

Price: $$

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Author of historical fiction with a hint of the supernatural/fantasy

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