New Story Published! “The Witch of Willow Wood”, published in Fabled Collective’s Women of the Woods Anthology

Earlier this month Fabled Collective published a new spooky anthology centered around women of the woods including witches, wanderers, and other mysterious beings. My story “The Witch of Willow Wood” is included along with 13 other stories involving fairytale spin-offs and original tales about gingerbread houses, bird-like necromancers, and many more tales set in or around woodlands. Get your copy via e-book or paperback in time for Halloween!

“Only the brave enter the woods—those who aren’t afraid of witches, shapeshifters, curses, and darkness. In this delightfully eerie anthology, only the fearless survive. These spooky, fantastic, and gothic tales will remind you that bedtime stories—those read in the dark—are for adults too.”

Amazon summary

Published by Ashley Weaver

Author of historical fiction with a hint of the supernatural/fantasy

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