July 2020 Reading Vlog

July 23, 2020

Welcome to my first book-reading vlog!

I plan to upload these monthly and talk about what books I have read for the month, are currently reading, and plan to read the following month. I look forward to reading your comments, questions, other book recs, etc. The books I have included in this vlog (along with the links to their Goodreads pages) are below:

The Bone Houses, by Emily Lloyd-Jones

House of Salt and Sorrows, by Erin A. Craig

Blood Countess, by Lana Popović

As You Wish, by Cary Elwes

The Whispered Dance of Bees, by Carol Warburton

Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home, by Nora Krug

Published by Ashley Weaver

Author of historical fiction with a hint of the supernatural/fantasy

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